Duplex 50 Water Softener 3/4 Inch

  • Skladové číslo RS 897-7107
  • Výrobce RS PRO
Technické reference
Legislativa a životní prostředí
Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): GB
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Duplex Water Softener

Duplex Water Softeners give a continuous supply of soft water and are ideal for applications with variable or inconsistent water usage. They are also meter controlled so offer optimum plant efficiency. Duplex water softeners consist of two resin vessels where one is in service and the other is on standby, enabling them to switch and regenerate when the first vessel reaches exhaustion.

Prevents limescale build-up
Reduces existing limescale
Improves system efficiency
Protects plumbed-in appliances
Low running costs
Suitable for many applications
Range of sizes available
No chemicals
No maintenance required

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55 800,85
(bez DPH)
67 519,03
(s DPH)
Per unit
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55 800,85 Kč
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