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Arrow SmartEverything IoT Development Board with SIGFOX

The Arrow SmartEverything Development Board is a flexible Arduino form-factor prototyping platform for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and M2M applications. SmartEverything combines SIGFOX, Bluetooth and Near-Field Communication (NFC) wireless technologies with GPS and a suite of embedded sensors. Atmel’s SAM D21 ultra low-power ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Microcontroller is used to integrate the featured devices.

SIGFOX connectivity is a particular highlight; the embedded Telit LE51-868 S Wireless Module gives design engineers access to the rapidly expanding SIGFOX cellular wireless network. Across the world millions of IoT devices already utilise the low-power connectivity SIGFOX provides. For SIGFOX network details please visit http://www.sigfox.com/en/#!/connected-world.

Key Features

• 12 months of SIGFOX network access included
• Features 3 wireless technologies – SIGFOX, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC)
• Arduino form-factor
• Fully supported by Arduino IDE
• Comprehensive sensor suite including a 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
• GPS Module with embedded antenna
• Flexible power supply options – Can be powered by USB, Battery or separate Power Supply
• SWD Connector – Allows programming and debugging with SAM-ICE and ATMEL-ICE
• Pushbuttons
• Dimensions - 53.34 x 68.58 mm

Featured Devices

• Microcontroller - Atmel SAM D21 32-bit ultra low-power ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCU
• SIGFOX - Telit LE51-868 S SIGFOX 868 MHz Wireless Module
• Bluetooth - TDK SESUB-PAN-T2541 Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Module based on TI’s CC2541 BTLE System-on-Chip (SoC)
• Near Field Communication - NXP NT3H1101FHK NFC Interface IC, separate NFC Antenna included
• GPS/GNSS - Telit Jupiter SE868-A GPS/GNSS Module with Integrated Antenna, supports GPS, QZSS, GLONASS and is Galileo ready
• 9-Axis Sensing - ST LSM9DS1 iNEMO Inertial Module with 3D accelerometer, 3D Gyroscope and 3D Magnetometer
• Humidity and Temperature Sensing - ST HTS221 Capacitive Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor
• Proximity and Ambient Light Sensing - ST VL6180X Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor, combines an IR emitter, range sensor and ambient light sensor
• Pressure Sensor - ST LPS25H MEMS 260-1260 hPa Absolute Barometer and Altimeter
• Cryptographic Authentication - Atmel ATSHA204A CryptoAuth Chip

Kit Contents

1 x Arrow SmartEverything Development Board
1 x Pre-Installed TDK SESUB-PAN-T2541 Bluetooth module
1 x Pre-Installed NFC Antenna


USB Cable is not included

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Bezdrátová technologie Bluetooth Smart (BLE), GLONASS (GNSS), GPS, Near Field Communication (NFC), SigFox
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