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ARIS Internet Of Things Board
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ARIS Internet of Things Development Board

The ARIS board is a hardware and software Renesas Synergy platform, ready-to-use on developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
The system is built around a Renesas Synergy S7 Series high-performance microcontroller.
The accelerometer sensor and the gyroscope supply the position and movement information of the ARIS board via an SPI bus. The relative humidity and temperature sensor provide ambient data via the I²C-bus interface.
A strong focus was directed on the communication and connectivity of the device. The ARIS Board communicates with other devices and the Cloud through Ethernet 10/100, or a USB connection. Wireless connectivity is enabled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1/4.2), and Near Field Communication (NFC) protocols.
You can interact and access the GPIO pins, LEDs and push buttons. On the I²C-bus, there is a multitouch resistive touchscreen controller IC with proximity sensing.
The ARIS Board is an all purpose tool with Arduino hardware R3 compatible footprint and connections. Arduino extension shields can be used for implementing extra functionality hardware features.
Development process functions include the on-board J-Link debugger, support for crypto-bootloaders, and Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates.
Software development happens at the API layer. The developer can focus on their design with the many features available to them on the ARIS platform.
The Renesas Eclipse Embedded Studio, known as e² Studio is the implemented Integrated Developed Environment (IDE).

Renesas Synergy S7G2 240 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller with 4 MB code flash and 640 kB SRAM memory
512 MB serial QSPI flash (S25FL512S)
256 MBit (32 MByte) SDRAM memory (MT48LC16M16A2)
MicroSD card slot
3-Axis Digital MEMS Accelerometer (ADXL362)
2-axis MEMS gyroscope (ADXRS290)
Digital relative humidity and temperature sensor (Si7013)
Wi-Fi Wireless Connectivity IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (SmartConnect-WINC1500)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1) Module (BGM111)
Multitouch 4/5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Controller with Proximity Sensing (SX8656IWLTRT)
NTAG I²C, Energy harvesting NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with field detection pin and I²C interface (NT3H1201)


Technical Information and Software Tools:

Internet of Things (IoT)

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Bezdrátová technologieBluetooth Smart (BLE), Ethernet, Near Field Communication (NFC), WiFi
Klasifikace sadyVývojová deska
Pro použití sAplikace pomocí BLE a snímačů, Hostitelské velkokapacitní paměťové zařízení USB, RTOS, Server HTTP, Řešení pro grafická rozhraní, Řešení pro WiFi
Doporučené zařízeníADXL362, ADXRS290, BGM111, MT48LC1M16A2, NT3H1201, Renesas Synergy S7, S25FL512S, Si70130, SX8656IWLTRT, WINC1500
Název sadyARIS IoT
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