Pojistná matice Prostý Nylonová vložka M6 A2 304

  • Skladové číslo RS 521-945
  • Výrobce RS PRO
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Legislativa a životní prostředí
Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): CN
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A2 Nerezavějící ocel - Metrické

Samojistné matice se skleněnými nylonovými vložkami. Jsou zkonstruovány tak, aby zůstaly bezpečné i přes vysoké vibrace.

Features and Benefits

Podle DIN985Nerezová ocel třídy A2 18//8 (typ 304 S15)


Unlike conventional fasteners, lock nuts, sometimes known as self-locking nuts, contain a plastic insert that deforms to the thread of the fastener and prevents loosening without the aid lock threading adhesive. As such, they are often used where security in fastening is required. They are useful when joining soft materials such as wood and plastics where high surface pressure might damage the material, or when there is a short clamp load. However, their principal advantage is in applications where there is a high degree of vibration. Locking nuts resist loosening over time in dynamic load conditions. As such they are often used in; Domestic appliances such as washers and dryers Industrial machinery Automotive industry

How many times can a self-locking nut be used?

While a locking nut can be removed in much the same way a conventional nut can, their nylon inserts deform and degrade with each use. Therefore it is not recommended that self-locking nuts be re-used if it can be avoided, as their primary characteristic- the ability to dampen vibration and stress from dynamic loads- lessens in efficacy with each use.

How to tighten a self-locking nut?

Locknuts can be applied in much the same way as conventional nuts. It is recommended to finger tighten as much as possible, and then tighten with an appropriate tool until the required torque is reached.


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Vlastnost Hodnota
Velikost závitu M6
Typ Nylonová vložka
Typ nerezové oceli A2 304
Konečná úprava Prostý
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