Pneumatický válec dvojčinný DSBC-80-160-PPVA-N3 92 g @ 10 mm Stroke 2660 g @ 0 mm zdvih Festo

  • Skladové číslo RS 121-5213
  • Výrobní číslo DSBC-80-160-PPVA-N3
  • Výrobce Festo
Technické reference
Legislativa a životní prostředí
Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): DE
Podrobnosti o výrobku

DSBC Series Profile Cylinders - Adjustable Pneumatic Cushioning

Festo DSBC series pneumatic cylinders with adjustable pneumatic cushioning at both ends of the actuator barrel. Featuring a high-alloy steel piston rod provides excellent running performance, low overall weight and long service life. These double acting pneumatic actuators have dual connection ports for compressed air to be applied for advancing and retracting the piston rod in a linear motion. Magnetic piston rods allow contactless position detection via a proximity sensor mounted in slots along the cylinder body.

Adjustable Pneumatic Cushioning

The DSBC PPV type adjustable cushioning pneumatic cylinders are equipped with a special cushioning piston as an extension to the main piston. This pneumatic cushioning builds up an air cushion to absorb energy in the end positions, building up and exhausting air in a targeted fashion.. This energy absorbing method makes these cylinders ideal for medium to heavy loads and high speed applications.

Features and Benefits

Corresponds to ISO 15552 standard
Slots for flush mounting proximity sensors
Low friction design allowing for continuous operation
Adjustable end cushioning helping to reduce noise and vibration
High-alloy steel piston rod with threaded connector
Wide range of stroke length and bore size variants that can be configured to suit a broad range of applications
Double acting operation

How do I mount the pneumatic actuator?

The DSBC series pneumatic round actuators conform to ISO 15552 standards allowing them to be mounted in any position to suit the required application. The ISO 15552 standard establishes metric mounting dimensions for cylinders providing interchangeability of commonly used hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Optional mounting accessories provide further flexibility allowing the cylinder to be attached with a swivel bracket for free movement, foot mounted for support under high loads or combined with other actuators to give a wider range of movement.

Festo ISO 15552 Proflie Cylinders

Vlastnost Hodnota
Řada od výrobce DSBC
Akce Dvojitý
Vývrt 80mm
Zdvih 160mm
Standard VDMA 24562
Pneumatické připojení G 3/8
Typ závitu pístnice Samec
Splňuje normu ISO 15552
Maximální provozní tlak 12 bar
Typ polstrování Vzduch
Rozměry 377.6 x 93 x 93mm
Hmotnost 2.7kg
Šířka 93mm
Váha intervalu zdvihu 92 g při zdvihu 10 mm
Délka 377.6mm
Maximální pracovní teplota +80°C
Testovací hmotnost 2660 g při zdvihu 0 mm
Minimální provozní teplota -20°C
Výška 93mm
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Cena Kus
6 085,27
(bez DPH)
7 363,18
(s DPH)
Per unit
1 +
6 085,27 Kč