Krimpovací kontakt 175027-1 samice izolace krimpováním cín

Technické reference
Legislativa a životní prostředí
Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): JP
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MULTILOCK 040 & 070 Contacts & Tooling

These connectors manufactured from TE Connectivity offers a solid mechanical connection which is ideal for any cable connection. They are mostly used in automation industry. Our range offers both female and male socket type connection. You can choose from tin or gold contact plating.

Features of 040 Series:

• Current rating – 8A
• Withstand voltage: 1kVac per 1 minute
• Low level resistance: 10 mΩ max (initial)
• Overall resistance: 20 mΩ max (final)
• Operating temperature: -30 – 105 °C
• Crimp terminating contacts
• Snap-in fixing connector cavities

Features of 070 Series:

• Current rating: 15A
• Withstand voltage: 1kVac per 1 minute
• Low level resistance: 1 mΩ max (initial)
• Overall resistance: 10 mΩ max (final)
• Operating temperature: -30 to +105 °C
• Crimp terminating contacts
• Snap-in fixing connector cavities

This 175062-1 part is made from brass and has tin plated finish.

• 070 Series
• Receptacle F-crimp
• 180° Receptacle style

TE Connectivity MULTILOCK Connectors and Contacts

This is a miniature high density connector system offering a wire to wire and wire to board I/O solution commonly used in the automotive industry but suitable for many varying signal transfer applications.

Snap in, crimp contacts for cable receptacles
Board mounting options are pre-loaded with male contacts
For wire to board connections utilise a cable and a board receptacle
Cable cap accepts female contacts, cable plug accepts male contacts
Cable cap mates cable plug to allow wire to wire connections
High density wiring connectors with 2.5mm contact centres

Vlastnost Hodnota
Pohlaví Samice
Pro použití s Pouzdro konektoru MULTILOCK 070
Minimální velikost vodiče mm2 0.5mm²
Metoda izolace Krimpovací
Maximální velikost vodiče mm2 1.25mm²
Pokovení kontaktu Cín
Minimální velikost vodiče AWG 20AWG
Materiál kontaktu Mosaz
Maximální velikost vodiče AWG 16AWG
6 k dispozici s dodáním do 1 pracovních dnů.
Cena 1sacek s 1000 kusem
3 083,00
(bez DPH)
3 730,43
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3 083,00 Kč
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