Automobilový konektor 2cestný barva Černá samice kabelová montáž izolace krimpováním 14A 1řadý

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Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): IT
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TE Connectivity 1.5 Superseal Series, Connector Housings - AMP Superseal 1.5

Our range of TE Connectivity, PCB Connector Housings form part of the 1.5 superseal series. A typical applications for these types of housings are to provide a receptacle for connectors when they ate mounted to a printed circuit board. These types of fittings are an essential component that offer protection for the connection that it is housing.

Features and Benefits

• Comprised of black 6.6 glass filled poly-amide
• 1 - 6 positions
• Plug housings for receptacle contacts, cap housings and tab contact variants
• Pre-assembled secondary lock
• Silicon rubber seals
• Panel or cable mount
• Temperature range of the 1.5 mm pitch superseal series is of -40 to +125°C
• Suitable for powertrain, security, and body & chassis systems
• Dielectric withstand voltage 1500 Vrms


For Superseal series 1.5 contacts see 314-1334 , and range. For crimp tool see 314-1362 , and for secondary lock extraction tool see 368-4516

For suitable male housings see 314-1205 , and for female housings see 314-1277 , and associated ranges.

TE Connectivity 282080-1

The TE Connectivity 282080-1 is a black plug housing designed for the automotive industry. It features 2 positions with a 6mm centreline pitch and is for use with female terminals. The 282080-1 connector is 15.3mm wide.
The 282080-1 is fitted with a sealing gasket and an anti-blackout device. This provides a warning if the contact is not correctly inserted in the housing, and ensures the gasket does not slip off during un-mating.

Is it waterproof?
Yes the 282080-1 is rated to IP67 and protects from dust and immersion in water up to 1m. This makes the 282080-1 ideal for harsher automotive applications where it may come into contact with water.

What is it made from?
The TE 282080-1 housing is made from polyamide 66 material.

Compatible connector systems:
• Wire-to-Board
• Wire-to-Device
• Wire-to-Wire

TE Connectivity SUPERSEAL Connectors, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm System

Developed to meet the constantly increasing needs and requirements for safety and reliability in the electrical connection field, these connectors fulfill all the requirements prescribed by the various automotive and industrial standards. Typical applications include various automotive sensor devices, oil pressure senders, water temperature monitoring or any application requiring waterproof protection to IP67.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy and reliable contacts
Double contact spring design
Secondary lock ensures correct and complete insertion of the contact
Silicone rubber seals

Vlastnost Hodnota
Počet kontaktů 2
Typ Konektor
Pohlaví Samec
Počet řad 1
Jmenovitý proud 14A
Typ montáže Kabelová montáž
Řada AMP Superseal 1.5
Barva Černá
Stupeň krytí IP IP66, IP69K
Metoda izolace Krimpovací
Výška 9.3mm
Šířka 15.3mm
Hloubka 32.2mm
Minimální provozní teplota -40°C
Maximální pracovní teplota +125°C
Materiál pouzdra PA
1600 k dispozici s dodáním následující pracovní den, pokud objednávku uskutečníte do 16:00.
11200 s dodáním do 2 pracovních dnů
Cena Kus (v sacku s 800)
(bez DPH)
(s DPH)
Per unit
za sáček*
800 +
15,87 Kč
12 692,80 Kč
*orientační cena