3D tiskárna IdeaWerk FDM RS PRO

  • Skladové číslo RS 828-6356
  • Výrobce RS PRO
Technické reference
Legislativa a životní prostředí
Vyhovuje směrnici RoHS
Země původu (Country of Origin): CN
Podrobnosti o výrobku

RS IdeaWerk 3D Printer

The RS IdeaWerk 3D printer is designed to handle the toughest print jobs, is easy to assemble and use and lightweight enough to be portable.

The printing process is controlled with a touch screen panel for file selection and job initiation. Using an advanced algorithm to improve the quality of printed objects, the RS IdeaWerk 3D printer can print with detailed precision at a 0.18 mm layer thickness.

No need to purchase additional software or accessories, just assemble, connect and begin printing immediately
Using environmental friendly PLA, the RS IdeaWerk 3D printer produces no toxicity, chemical pollution or smell and is suitable for secondary process, such as assembling nuts, drilling, polishing and colouring
The RS IdeaWerk 3D printer is easy to use and means you can print either online or offline (with or without pc)
Large build area of 150 x 150 x 140 mm that allows you to push the potential of your protyping
Low print noise and is ideal for office, home or classroom
The RS IdeaWerk 3D printer is highly accurate, stable and will help reduce down time

Compatible with:

Windows XP (32bit); Vista (32bit); Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit); Windows 8; Windows 8.1

Printer Size: 298´221´403mm
Printing Size: 150´150´140mm
Layer Thickness: 0.2∼0.3mm (0.2mm recommended)
Material: PLA
Printing Temperature: PLA 220-230゚C
Power Input: 100 - 240Vac 47/63Hz 1.6A
Output: 12V/DC 5.3A
Maximum Power: 63.6W
File format: STL/X3G/CODE


Recommended SD Card RS 758-2552 This 3D Printer will NOT work with SDHC Cards

Basic technical competency is recommended for set up, use and on-going maintenance of this 3D printer throughout it's lifetime
Do not leave your 3D Printer to print unattended. Any damage caused by unattended usage will void the warranty


  • 3D Printers should not be left to print unattended.
Vlastnost Hodnota
Technologie FDM
Objem tisku 150 x 150 x 140mm
Tisk s použitím více materiálů Ne
Minimální tloušťka vrstvy 0.2mm
Počet hlavic 1
Rozměry D x Š x V 211 x 403 x 298mm
Průměr vlákna 1.75mm
Konektivita Karta SD, USB
Model IdeaWerk
Typ zástrčky Typ C - evropská zástrčka, Typ G - britská 3kolíková, Typ I - australská 3kolíková
Bezdrátové Ne
Hmotnost 7.5kg
Produkt již není v nabídce